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09.07.2021 – Are Your Dreams a Conversation with the Divine?
09.21.2021 – Guests Anne Worth, Sharla Charpentier and Diane Vlch (Authors in Mayhem to Miracles)
10.05.2021 – Guests Eileen Bild and Dom Brightmon (Authors in Sacred Stories of Transformation Book Series and Media Hosts)
10.19.2021 – Guests Dr. Jennifer Finn, Dannielle Weiler, Tyra Glaze and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos
11.2.2021 – Guest Kimberly Rinaldi – “Tips on How to Make it Through the Holiday Season with Your Sanity and Your Joy”
11.16.2021 – Guests Anne Worth, Joshua Blocker, Caden and Madison Whitlock discussing Meaningful Children’s Books Just in Time for the Holiday Season.
11.30.2021 – Guests Sarah Jibrin and Melanie Francis discussing Children’s Books that Build Confidence.
12.07.21 – Guests Kenyetta Obie, Dr. Melvyn and Marilyn Wolk, and Jane McCarter-Caponigro discussing The ABC’s of Children’s Books.
12.21.2021 – Guest Frank Zaccari – “Business and Personal Secrets for Better Living
01.04.22 – Guest Peggy Willms “All Things Wellness for You 2022”
01.18.22 – Guests Lisa Tuggle, Jill Clay, Kelly Williams-Hale and Laurie Rowland as they discuss “Coaching with Passion and Purpose”
02.01.22 – Guests Mandy Leigh, Denise Harvey, Michelle Rene Hammer, Jacquel Tucker and Lu Ann Topovski as they discuss “What’s YOUR God Given Purpose?”

02.16.22 – Guest Tasha Chen – “Abundant Living
02.22.22 – Guest Tony Hubbard and Scott Zuckman “Abundant Living 2.0”
03.01.22 – Guests Mandy Leigh and Andrea McHenry as they discuss “Help and Healing for Sexual Exploitation”
03.15.22 – Guests 
PJ Dixon and Eileen Bild as they discuss “Living Fearlessly”
04.05.22 – Guests Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, Jeria Arthur and Erin Ley – “Fearless Living 2.0
04.19.22 – Guest Lily Sanders “How to Navigate Life Without Losing Yourself
05.03.22 – Guests Rev Temple Hayes, Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos, Sister Jenna “More Mayhem to Miracles
05.17.22 – Guest Gloria Sloan “Life Skills for the Journey
05.31.22 –  Guests Dr. Kirk Elliott, Jessie T and Tony Hubbard “What’s in Your Financial Future?”
06.07.22 – Guest Tom Antion
06.21.22 – Guests Mandy Leigh Mooney, Michelle Rene Hammer, Kelly Williams-Hale and Lu Ann Topovski “Let Freedom Rain!”
07.05.22 – Guest John Gray
07.12.22 Guest Frank Zaccari
08.02.22 Guest Christopher Rausch
08.16.22 Guest Leann Rhodes
09.20.22 Guests Pam Willms, Ziggy Salvation, Andee Scarantino and LaJune Persiphony