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Tuesdays at 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET
Live the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 5:00 PM ET

Do you see people talking to each other? Or are they just looking at their phones?

When was the last time you had a conversation face to face with someone that actually made a difference in your life, or the lives of others?

Our world is filled with so much to talk about, yet people are spending more time alone, on electronic devices, hypnotized in front of the TV or watching the news.

Authentic, meaningful, diverse, enjoyable, conversation binds us together. It reminds us we are more than meets the eyes, or what we see.

It can uplift, challenge, stretch and invite us to grow dynamically. Are you going through life, like me, often flying by the seat of my pants? Let’s get grounded in conversations filled with Gratitude, Values, Abundance, Authenticity and Faith while being of service to all who listen in to Conversations That Makes a Difference.

09.07.2021 – Are Your Dreams a Conversation with the Divine?
09.21.2021 – Guests Anne Worth, Sharla Charpentier and Diane Vlch (Authors in Mayhem to Miracles)
10.05.2021 – Guests Eileen Bild and Dom Brightmon (Authors in Sacred Stories of Transformation Book Series and Media Hosts)
10.19.2021 – Guests Dr. Jennifer Finn, Dannielle Weiler, Tyra Glaze and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos
11.2.2021 – Guest Kimberly Rinaldi – “Tips on How to Make it Through the Holiday Season with Your Sanity and Your Joy”
11.16.2021 – Guests Anne Worth, Joshua Blocker, Caden and Madison Whitlock discussing Meaningful Children’s Books Just in Time for the Holiday Season.
11.30.2021 – Guests Sarah Jibrin and Melanie Francis discussing Children’s Books that Build Confidence.
12.07.21 – Guests Kenyetta Obie, Dr. Melvyn and Marilyn Wolk, and Jane McCarter-Caponigro discussing The ABC’s of Children’s Books.
12.21.2021 – Guest Frank Zaccari – “Business and Personal Secrets for Better Living
01.04.22 – Guest Peggy Willms “All Things Wellness for You 2022”
01.18.22 – Guests Lisa Tuggle, Jill Clay, Kelly Williams-Hale and Laurie Rowland as they discuss “Coaching with Passion and Purpose”
02.01.22 – Guests Mandy Leigh, Denise Harvey, Michelle Rene Hammer, Jacquel Tucker and Lu Ann Topovski as they discuss “What’s YOUR God Given Purpose?”

02.16.22 – Guest Tasha Chen – “Abundant Living
02.22.22 – Guest Tony Hubbard and Scott Zuckman “Abundant Living 2.0”
03.01.22 – Guests Mandy Leigh and Andrea McHenry as they discuss “Help and Healing for Sexual Exploitation”
03.15.22 – Guests 
PJ Dixon and Eileen Bild as they discuss “Living Fearlessly”
04.05.22 – Guests Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, Jeria Arthur and Erin Ley – “Fearless Living 2.0
04.19.22 – Guest Lily Sanders “How to Navigate Life Without Losing Yourself
05.03.22 – Guests Rev Temple Hayes, Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos, Sister Jenna “More Mayhem to Miracles
05.17.22 – Guest Gloria Sloan “Life Skills for the Journey