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01.03.23 Guests Rachelle Sweet and Dr. Markus Wettstein
01.17.2023 Guest Angela Bertone
02.07.2023 Guest Leann Rhodes
02.21.2023 Guest Michelle Rene Hammer
03.07.23 Guests Johnny Tan and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos
03.21.23 Guests Rachelle Sweet, Elizabeth Parrish and Laurie Kaplan
04.04.23 Guests Frank Zaccari, Larry Broughton, and Dennis Pitocco
04.18.23 Guest Peter Canova
05.16.23 Guest Michelle Patterson
06.13.23 Guests Mark O’Brien and Tammy Hader
06.20.23 Guests Dr. Markus Wettstein and Victor Acquista
07.25.23 Guests Anne Worth and Donna Guary
08.01.23 Guests Jessie Caroline and Amanda Gust
08.15.23 Guests Authors from Win the Wellness WAR
09.05.23 Guests Michelle Rene Hammer and Pastor Rich Bradshaw

09.17.23 Guest Rene Kamstra
10.03.23 Guest Tammy Hader
10.17.23 Guest Faith James
11.07.23 Guest Alysia Lyons
11.21.23 Guests Dennis Pitocco and Mark O’Brien
12.19.23 A Daily Gift of Hope Authors Part I
12.26.23 A Daily Gift of Hope Authors Part II